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Custom Design Definitive Hi-Fi Base

Hand made base unit for Custom Design's solid and stylish Definitive Hi-Fi range.


The Definitive HiFi Support Range is unique to Custom Design, manufactured from exclusive, hand made and hand finished 6.5mm Acoustic Aluminium shelves. Part of our philosophy to question and challenge ideas. The Acoustic Aluminium and Acoustic Steel are the pioneering, engineering approach that Custom Design has taken to absorbing unwanted resonance. Maximising isolation through resonance noise vibration absorption and enhanced sound performance, a serious improvement to the usual approach of hifi support stand design.

The system works on the principle of constrained layer dampening, which is two sheets of the same material, found to be the most efficient ratio, then bonded together with the patented polymer system.The polymers viscoelastic properties converts kinetic energy to heat, by preventing excessive resonance from effecting the performance of your equipment, enhancing the sound performance by providing clarity, improved separation and an inky blackness and control to the bass.

The 4 corner, satellite supports are available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black, Mercury or White finish.