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Fyne Audio F302i Floorstanding Speakers

The F302i floor-standing speakers are a nice upgrade from the F302 predecessor with the main focus being on the new titanium dome. The tweeter housing and crossover have also been revised tomaximise performance.

These changes have increased the floorstanders' high-frequency headroom from 28kHz to 34kHz. The lower limit remains at 36Hz, but that’s no surprise considering the 15cm multi-fibre mid/bass unit and cabinet are essentially unchanged, bar the new matte black finish on the curved baffle band surrounding the tweeter.

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"The Fyne Audio F302 have been among our favourite speakers since they were introduced back in 2018. That they were floorstanders and affordable made the deal sweeter, as speakers of this kind are rare.


Those original F302 speakers certainly weren’t broke, but that hasn’t stopped Fyne’s engineers from trying to make them better. Enter, the Fyne Audio F302i. The most obvious area for improvement was the tweeter, so the 25mm polyester dome has gone and in its place is a titanium design derived from the company’s more upmarket F500 series. The tweeter housing and crossover have also been revised to maximise performance."


- What Hi-Fi?

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A well-constructed speaker cabinet is the starting point for any high-performance loudspeaker. Exceptional rigidity is provided on all F300 models through a combination of MDF panels which are cross-braced internally. Additional stiffness is achieved by coupling the low frequency driver’s magnet to the cabinet bracing using a resonant absorbing mastic. Widening the footprint on the floorstanding models, using a plinth with floor coupling spikes, provides stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging.


Optimal performance of each of the F300 models is assured by using high quality precision components within the crossover, including low loss LF laminated core inductor and HF polypropylene capacitors. Although the designs are computer optimised, fine tuning is always undertaken through critical auditioning. The gold plated speaker terminals ensure a clean signal path and the top of the range F303 has bi-wire terminals fitted to further enhance performance.

Driver Technology

Fyne Audio aims to provide best in class performance at all price levels and the careful component selection for the F300 drivers helps to meet this goal.

Utilising a multi-fibre paper cone on the bass / midrange drivers delivers a natural sounding midrange and clean transient behaviour. Fitted to the centre of the driver is a phase plug which provides smooth midrange roll-off characteristics. FyneFlute technology, used on the driver’s roll rubber surround, provides a non-homogeneous interface which very effectively terminates the speaker cone energy.


The tweeter combines a powerful Neodymium magnet system with a 25mm Polyester dome producing crisp and controlled high frequency detail. Integrated within the protective mesh cover is a phase loss compensator which delays the output from specific areas of the dome to give a smooth and extended response.

F302i Specifications

System Type 2 way, rear ported
Recommended Amplifier Power (Watt RMS) 30-120
Continuous Power Handling (Watt RMS) 60
Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m) 90dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
Frequency Response (-6dB typical in room) 36Hz - 28kHz
Drive Unit Complement 1 x 150mm multi-fibre bass
Mid 1 x 25mm polyester dome tweeter
Crossover Frequency 3.2kHz
Crossover Type 2nd order low pass, 3rd order high pass
Dimensions (H x W x D) 932 x 190 x 271 mm (36.7 x 7.5 x 10.7")
Weight 13.3 kg (29.3 lb)