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Kudos Cardea C20

Kudos Cardea C20 applies the same treatment given to the C10 to the C2 floorstander to create a loudspeaker delivering a level of performance that belies its discrete appearance.

As low as £4,000.00

The C2 cabinet and main driver unit is combined with the same SEAS Crescendo tweeter unit and same level of custom made audiophile crossover components and wiring used in the C10.

The C20 uses its extra size to combine the seamless, holographic midrange and superb stereo soundstaging of the C10 with improved bass extension and greater scale.

The C20 has again quickly established a reputation as one of the best small floor-standing loudspeakers available at its price point and should be on everyone's shortlist to audition.

• Main driver - Kudos 18cm unit with coated paper cone and 26mm voice coil
• Tweeter - Kudos 29mm soft dome SEAS Crescendo
• Sensitivity - 88dB
• Impedance - 8 ohms
• Frequency response - 30Hz - 30 kHz "AIRR" (Average In Room Response)
• Dimensions - 925mm x 200mm x 270mm (hwd)