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Linn Klimax Exakt DSM Network Music Player

Linn Klimax Exakt DSM is a network music player which faithfully reproduces the audio from every source connected.


Exakt enables perfect transmission of the signal, keeping it digital and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage – the source is in the speaker.

The Klimax Exakt System is the best way to listen to music at home. It comprises a Klimax Exakt DSM network music player which lets you connect all your sources and make everything you listen to sound better. Partnered with Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, this system produces the most direct connection ever made between you and the artist.

Browse your music library using an iPad for the best experience, choosing albums by cover and creating playlists with your favourite songs or tracks. Get instant access to new music via internet radio and listen to any online music services on a music player which puts quality first.

Anything connected to an Exakt DSM is transmitted perfectly to an Exakt speaker via the Exakt Link, using a single digital cable. With analogue and digital inputs, you can connect any movie, games or audio source and make it sound incredible.

Control it all with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Get instant access to new music and listen to any music apps, internet radio or online content.

Pick your favourite mobile device and download an app to control your Linn system and choose music, browse artwork, create playlists … control your music wirelessly from any room.

If you prefer to stick to iTunes, Spotify or whatever you normally use, that's fine too. Download our Songcast app and anything you play will come through your Linn system, letting you enjoy your favourite tunes in Linn quality.

Great sound shouldn’t cramp your style. Design your home the way you want to and experience the true sound of the music.

Hear your music, not your room
Every room has its own particular sound. When you’re investing in a world-class music system, why let your room have such a big say in what you hear? Remove the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment and reveal the true sound of the music.

Space Optimisation uses sophisticated acoustic modelling to build up a complete picture of how your speakers, their placement, and the unique characteristics of your room interact to affect the sound you hear. It then precisely identifies frequencies that are artificially distorted by your environment, and reduces their energy, to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden.

Whatever speakers you use, and however you’ve designed your room, you’ll hear a performance that’s optimised uniquely for you. All Linn systems have Space Optimisation built in, and it’s available as a free software upgrade to all Linn DS owners too.

Optimised for your chosen speakers
Your speakers play a key role in determining the behaviour of sound in your room. Because every speaker design is different, the sound from your particular speakers has a unique set of interactions with your surroundings. Space Optimisation models these interactions by taking account of the characteristics of your speakers, such as the position of each drive unit and the response of bass reflex ports.

Combining this information with the modelling of your room’s acoustics enables Space Optimisation to optimise the sound uniquely for your chosen speakers. Designed to work with whatever brand of speakers you choose.

Place your speakers where you want them
The interactions between your speakers and the boundaries of your room can dramatically distort the sound that you hear. For example, placing a speaker near to a wall will add energy to particular low frequencies, masking other areas of the music. Until now, there has been a choice: place your speakers in the ideal location for sound, or choose a more practical location that compromises sound quality.

Space Optimisation is able to recreate the sound of the ideal location, from your preferred, practical location to give you the best of both worlds. Now you can place your speakers exactly where you want them and still enjoy great performance.

Optimised for your custom environment
The characteristics of your room affect the sound you hear. Sound waves reflecting off your walls, ceiling and floor create peaks of increased energy at specific frequencies. Construction materials, furnishings and features like doors and windows, also affect how much energy is reflected, and the length of time it takes to decay.

Space Optimisation allows your Linn Specialist to identify the precise frequencies affected and reduce their energy by just the right amount, removing the distorting effect of your room to reveal the true sound of the music. Design your home the way you want to and enjoy a performance that’s optimised for you.

Space Optimisation+
Linn's Exakt systems deliver an enhanced version of this technology: Space Optimisation+

Exakt incorporates the measured response of every individual drive unit. It enables even more advanced speaker modelling that’s specific, not just to the model of speaker, but to the unique pair of speakers in your home. This advanced approach to speaker modelling means Space Optimisation+ can apply a far greater level of precision when optimising the sound, personalised for your particular speakers.

Peter Tyson has been a Linn retailer for over 30 years – one of the oldest established dealers still operating - from the days when the entire range was the LP12 and three pairs of speakers: the Sara, the Isobarik and the Kan.

The same staff who were with us then are still with us today, along with new, younger staff who have the same enthusiasm for what has been the greatest HiFi discovery we every made! We offer, by far, the largest number of combined years of experience in the world in selling and installing Linn systems! We have 3 generations of the Tyson family who have been factory-trained by Linn.

All our staff are mad about Linn – they have to be! And they all have great sounding Linn systems for their private use at home.

Being close to the factory in Glasgow, we are frequent visitors and keep abreast of the latest systems on offer along with training to install them at their best.

We have installed Linn systems all over Europe and have many satisfied Linn customers throughout the UK.  Being in Carlisle, we have had to travel to most of our customers – we are used to it; there are more sheep in Cumbria than people!

We have expert practical knowledge with all things Linn – experience with the entire product range that you just can’t pick up without hands-on familiarity. We are always at the forefront of new Linn advances – Aktiv, DS, Exakt. We have sold and installed more Linn systems than anyone else, and are usually the largest Linn retailer each year.

We keep the whole Linn range on display at both our Carlisle and Newcastle branches, and are happy to demonstrate the advantages of Linn, either in our great demo rooms or at your home – no obligation.