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Promotion Summary

Under this offer, customers are entitled to a 10% reduction off the suggested retail price of products listed on the Linn Pricelist as below (exclusions apply – see below) when they trade-in any of the Linn legacy products listed below. The Linn Pricelist is available on request from your Linn Specialist.

On top of this, Peter Tyson may be able to offer a further part exchange value on your Linn product. Please let us know what you have and we can discuss a valuation. This will cover any Linn Product.

Further to the above offer, Peter Tyson will consider a minimum 10% reduction by trading in any other brand of HiFi, depending on the model, and may also offer above this value if the products are considered to be of a higher value. All we ask is that the products are in working condition. Please call for details or use the enquiry form on the Linn product pages to discuss your potential trade-in products.

Upgrade Examples

Purchase Linn Majik DSM £2965
Trade in Linn Mimik CD Player
Receive £296.50 discount from Linn
Receive £100 part exchange value from Peter Tyson*
Balance to pay £2568.50

Purchase Linn Akudorik Exakt System £20,200
Trade in Linn Klout
Receive £2020 discount from Linn
Receive £750 part exchange value from Peter Tyson*
Balance to Pay £17,430

Purchase Linn Akurate DSM £7500
Trade in Marantz CD6004 CD player
Receive £750 Discount from Peter Tyson
Receive £70 trade-in value from Peter Tyson*
Balance to Pay £6680

*Equipment must be in good condition and working with accessories to receive the Peter Tyson extra trade-in value.

Product Eligibility

Included Linn Products:

  • Complete Systems (including Klimax, Akurate, Series 5, Majik and Kiko)
  • HiFi Separates from the Klimax, Akurate, Series 5 and Majik ranges and including complete turntables

Items listed under the following headings are excluded from this offer:

  • Turntable Components
  • Other LP12 Upgrades
  • Linn Cartridge part-exchange values
  • Upgrades & accessories
  • Custom Install

The following Linn legacy products can be traded-in to be eligible for the promotional discount against a new Linn product:

Source Products

  • CD12
  • Akurate CD
  • Majik CD
  • Ikemi
  • Genki
  • Karik
  • Mimik
  • Classik Music
  • Unidisk 1.1, 2.1, SC
  • Classik Movie, Movie 05
  • Kivor
  • Pekin
  • Kudos
  • Axis LP12
  • Basik LP12
  • Legacy LP12 components

Pre-amplifiers & System Controllers

  • Klimax Kontrol
  • Akurate Kontrol
  • Exotik, Exotik+DA
  • Majik Kontrol
  • Kairn
  • Wakonda
  • Kolektor
  • LK1
  • Pretek
  • Kisto
  • Kinos
  • AV5103

Power Amplifiers

  • AV5105
  • Klout
  • AV5125
  • AV2250
  • Chakra Amps
  • LK amps
  • Powertek
  • Intek


  • Komri
  • Artikulat
  • Akurate
  • Isobarik
  • Keltik
  • AV5140
  • Espek
  • Keilidh
  • Kaber
  • Ninka
  • Katan
  • Helix
  • Keosa
  • Nexus
  • Index
  • Sara
  • Tukan
  • Kan
  • Komponent

Terms & Conditions

This offer runs from 2nd July 2018 to the 27th August 2018 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period will be eligible for the promotion.
Discount prices shown online are recommended only and variations may apply. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, special discount, package price or demonstration discount.
This promotion is being run by Linn Products Ltd ("Linn"), Glasgow Road, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Glasgow, G76 0EQ, UK. Registered Company Number: SCO52366