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Monitor Audio Silver 6AV12 - High Gloss Black

We’ve combined the Silver 6 floor stander with the acoustically matched Silver Centre and FX surrounds, supported by the deep bass potency from the 500 watt Silver W12 subwoofer to create a superb high-end AV Speaker System. Not only that but this system is finished in premium Gloss Black.

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Identical 6” C-CAM® RST drivers and C-CAM tweeters across the front and rear channels will bring the latest high definition soundtracks alive with astonishing three-dimensional accuracy.

The gorgeous wideband sound that distinguishes new Silvers two-channel models is multiplied by the Silver 6AV12 system, designed to blend with your home but fill the space with pulsating fidelity every time you watch a movie.

Packaging the slender Silver 6 floor stander with the acoustically matched Silver Centre and dual-dispersion FX surrounds for an enveloping audio experience, featuring brilliant natural detail and dynamics, supported by a rich layer of deep bass potency from the awesome 500 watt Silver W12 subwoofer.

Identical 6 C-CAM RST drivers and C-CAM tweeters across the front and rear channels will bring the latest high definition soundtracks alive with such astonishing three-dimensional accuracy, you'll willingly surrender your disbelief and relish a tangible sense of being there.

The Monitor Audio Silver 6AV12 comprises:

  • Monitor Audio Silver 6
  • Monitor Audio Silver Centre
  • Monitor Audio Silver FX
  • Monitor Audio Silver W12


Available in a choice of Black, Oak, Rose & Walnut or  as a premium cost alternative High Gloss Black & High Gloss White

  • C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) Drivers
  • Rigid Surface Technology (RST®) mid-range and bass drivers
  • Bolt-through Driver design
  • Real wood veneer and lacquer finishes

Super-slender and finished in a choice of Rosenut, Walnut, Natural Oak, and Black Oak real-wood veneers, as well as gorgeous gloss black and white, the widely-acclaimed Silver range is a beguiling force of state-of-the-art speaker design, made to re-energise entertainment in your home.

Features introduced by our prestigious Platinum and GX series speakers have been enhanced, and recent innovations in driver engineering incorporated across an extended new range, which includes two stand mount models, three floor speakers, a dedicated centre, ‘FX’ surround and active subwoofer models. New to the Silver genre, the Silver 10 tower offers an up-scaled floor-standing format, featuring twin 8” bass drivers for a deeper more dynamic and consistent response in larger rooms.

  • Improved C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) gold dome tweeter design with damped rear chamber and innovative dome venting technique for improved clarity and wider operating bandwidth
  • Improved 6" bass driver with concave 'dished' C-CAM cone profile
  • RST® (Rigid Surface Technology) cone profile, for improved diaphragm rigidity and reduced distortion
  • Improved cast polymer bass chassis design for better rigidity and reduced reflections
  • HiVe®II port technology delivers smoother airflow for better transient response and tighter bass
  • Single bolt through driver systems for increased overall bracing, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling
  • Pureflow® Silver plated OFC copper internal cabling
  • High quality crossovers with premium grade polypropylene film capacitors
  • Available in selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss finishes
  • Rigid 20mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity and low cabinet colouration
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixing provides clean visual styling when the grille is off

Silver 6
Silver floor stander with 6” C-CAM® RST® bass driver and 6” C-CAM RST bass/mid driver in a 2.5 way system configuration.

Silver Centre
Dedicated centre speaker with twin 6” C-CAM RST bass/mid-range drivers in a familiar M-T-M array.

Silver FX
Wall mounted FX speaker with a single front-mounted 6” C-CAM RST bass/mid driver and twin side-mounted C-CAM tweeters.

Silver W12
Active subwoofer with 12” C-CAM cone driver and 500 watt DSP controlled amplifier.