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Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier

The blak Integrated Amplifier has 150 watts of refined power for a smooth yet authoritative performance.

As low as £3,079.00

The blak Integrated also has a host of additional features such as an audiophile quality internal DAC with USB connection for computers and mobile devices, a high quality Moving Magnet phono input and aptX bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Key Features

  • 3 x RCA line inputs
  • 1 x Pair analogue XLR inputs
  • MM phono input
  • aptX Bluetooth input
  • Circuit-switchable headphone output
  • High quality internal DAC circuit (USB Amplifier only)
  • Rear-located USB type-B port (USB Amplifier only)
  • High audiophile grade components used throughout
  • Top quality transformer design for optimum power
  • Striking design and superlative build quality
  • Brightness-adjustable oversize LED display

Available in a choice of two finishes - Charcoal (Black) and Anthracite (Silver)

Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier
Inputs 3 x RCA line inputs
1 x Pair analogue XLR inputs
1 x USB type-B input 24/192 & DSD compatible (only operational with USB version)
MM phono input
aptX Bluetooth input
MM input - gain, [email protected], input impedance 47k ohm, 150pF
Line & XLR inputs - input impedance 24k ohm XLR, 40k ohm RCA
Gain @ 1kHz, 8ohm 36,75dB
THD @ 1W, 8ohm, 5kHz<0.02%
@ 12W, 8ohm, 5kHz<0.035%
Power Output @ 1kHz, 8ohm>150W
@ 1kHz, 4ohm>230W
Frequency Response @ -3dB, 12W, 8ohm from <20Hz to more than 80kHz
Channel Balance @ 1kHz, 8ohm, 12W better than 0.3dB
Cross Talk @ 1kHz, 8ohm<-104dB
S/N @ 1kHz, 8ohm, 1W>76dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 140 x 440 (inc faceplate) x 309 mm
Weight 14 kg
Rated Power Consumption 480 W
Maximum Power Consumption 800 W