Tanks & Accessories

Collection of Tanks

A Quooker system consists of a tap on the worktop and a tank in the cupboard underneath.

There are three different tanks. The choice of tank depends on the situation in your kitchen. View the collection here.

Boiling Water Tanks


Provides 3 litres of instant boiling water.

The Quooker Flex can never dispense boiling water when the pull out hose is extended. This makes the tap 100% safe to use.

Capacity: 3 litres
Dimensions: 42 x 15 x 15 cm
Capacity 40° - 60°: not applicable


Provides 7 litres of instant boiling water.

Quooker PRO tanks sit neatly under your kitchen sink, providing instant 100°C boiling water on demand. Very large families or semi-professional cooks may want the 7 litre PRO7.

Capacity: 7 litres
Dimensions: 47 x 20 x 20 cm
Capacity 40° - 60°: not applicable


Provides 7 litres of instant boiling water or 15 litres of hot water (60°C) all from a cold feed.

No more waiting for the hot water with the Quooker COMBI. Furthermore, it is the first 'boiler' with high-vacuum insulation. This makes it the most energy-efficient hot and boiling water provision for the kitchen.

Capacity: 7 litres
Dimensions: 47 x 20 x 20 cm
Capacity 40° - 60°: 27 - 15 litres

Chilled Water Tanks


Chilled water tank

The CUBE can be installed at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank. It includes two filters that make the water just as pure as the bottled water you buy in the shop. The CUBE supplies sparkling and chilled water and means you no longer have to buy water in plastic bottles. To obtain sparkling water, a Quooker CO2 cylinder must be connected to the CUBE.

Voltage: 230 V
Wattage: 100 W
Standby consumption: 12 W
Tank height: 43 cm
Tank width: 30 cm
Tank depth: 44 cm
Min. mains pressure: 200 kPa (2 bar)
Max. mains pressure: 400 kPa (4 bar)
Water filter: Hollow Fibre filter


Quooker offer a range of accessories to ensure that your Quooker set-up is complete, such as soap dispensers in Nordic design, mounting brackets for all tanks and the Scale Control (water softener) for use in areas with extremely hard water.

Cold Water Filter

The cold water filter has been designed to allow you to quickly switch from tap water to cold filtered water.

Scale Control Plus

The Scale Control Plus has been developed to lengthen the lifespan of your Quooker by reducing the water hardness. It is the most reliable descaling solution for the Quooker and improves the taste of the Quooker water.

Extension hose

Tap to tank extension hose and LED cable for positioning the tank further away from the tap.

Base ring

If the hole in the worksurface is too large we recommend purchasing a base ring.


The powerswitch for Quooker and CUBE is a three-way adaptor that will allow you to connect the Quooker tank, the Quooker CUBE and another appliance, for example a dishwasher, to the same socket.

*Not compatible with a PRO7.

Nordic soap dispenser

Quooker soap dispenser. Available in different finishes.

Drip tray

The drip tray is used when you wish to position the Quooker away from a sink. It is discreet and comes complete with a drain hose so all excess water can be drained away.

Mounting bracket

This stainless steel mounting bracket is especially useful for fitting tanks in kitchens with under-sink drawer units.