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Standard Warranty Periods

The list below indicates the standard guarantee/warranty period supplied from each manufacturer. From time to time we will add value to certain models by extending the standard period at no additional cost. This will be indicated on our website and will be confirmed with your sales confirmation receipt or sales invoice. In the event of a claim, Peter Tyson provides and administers the extra cover. This extended cover is exactly the same as the manufacturer’s original guarantee/warranty, where possible using the same official service providers, giving you total peace of mind for the extended period. In the event of a claim, please contact Peter Tyson in the first instance. Claims for work done by others won't be accepted unless previously agreed.

Please note that any extended guarantees/warranties offered by Peter Tyson are free. We or our suppliers do not include any form of insurance terms such as accidental damage or loan equipment cover.

Guarantees/Warranties can only be fulfilled to goods purchased and delivered within the UK. In order for us to conduct a Guarantee/Warranty claim to goods taken outside of the UK, the goods will have to be returned at your own expense. Alternatively, you can make the goods available for collection at a UK address. This also applies to goods delivered to shipping companies. Subsequent to a Guarantee/Warranty claim, goods can only be re-delivered to a UK address.

Free guarantees/warranties provided for TVs are provided by the Manufacturer/Supplier and are bound by their own individual terms and conditions. If you need further clarification please contact us.

Manufacturer Warranty Period
Antony Gallo 5 year on Speakers. 2 year on Subwoofers and Electronic products.
Arcam 2 year standard. 5 year on Rcube and full size separates. Customers can register for extended warranty.
Atacama 2 year standard.
Audioengine 3 year standard.
Audiolab 3 year standard.
AudioQuest 1 year standard.
Audio-Technica 2 year standard.
Bang & Olufsen 3 year standard.
Bang & Olufsen - Beoplay 2 year standard.
Bose 2 year standard.
Bowers & Wilkins 5 year on speakers and accessories. 2 year on subs.
Chord Cables 2 year standard. 5 year upon registration - excluding HDMI cables.
Chord Electronics Warranty periods vary across the range form 1 year to 5 year. Please see product pages for confirmation.
Custom Design 1 year standard.
Cyrus 3 years on XR series and Signature Range. 2 years on Speakers, ONE series and Classic Range. 1 year on Headphones and DACs.
Dali 5 year standard.
Denon 2 year standard.
Elac 2 year standard.
Focal 2 years standard.
Fyne Audio 7 year on speakers. 2 Years on subs.
Geneva 1 year standard.
Grado 1 year standard.
Harmon Kardon 1 year standard. 
Humax 2 year standard.
iFi Audio 2 year standard.
KEF 5 year on Speakers. 2 year on Subs and Electronic products. 1 year on headphones.
LG 1 year. Up to 5 year on selected TVs. See product pages.
Linn 5 year full parts and labour.
Marantz 2 year standard.
Meridian 2 year standard. Extra 1 year by registration.
Miele 2 year standard. 5 or 10 year optional on selected products. See product pages.
Monitor Audio 5 year on Speakers. 2 year on Subs and Electronic products.
NAD Classic range 2 year. Master Series 5 year.
Naim 2 year standard parts and labour. Additional 3 years on parts upon registration within 28 days of purchase.
Naim Reburbished 1 year on refurbished products.
Naim Uniti Range 3 year on Uniti and separates range.
Olive 1 year standard.
Onkyo 2 year standard.
Optoma 3 year standard. (NB: 1 year warranty on bulbs)
Panasonic 1 year standard. White goods 2 year. Up to 5 year on selected TVs. See product pages.
Pioneer 1 year standard. SD1 products 2 year.
Polk 5 years on Speakers. 2 years on Soundbars.
Pro-Ject 2 year standard.
Pure 2 year standard.
Q Acoustics 5 year on Speakers. 2 years on Subwoofers.
REL 2 year standard. 3 years on registration.
Roksan 2 year standard.
Rotel 2 year standard.
Ruark/Vita 2 year standard.
Samsung 1 year standard. Extend periods offered on certain models. See product pages.
Sennheiser 2 year standard.
Sonos 1 year standard.
Sony 1 year standard. Up to 5 year on selected TVs. See product pages.
SpeakerCraft Lifetime Warranty.
Tannoy 10 year on Speakers. 2 year on Subwoofers.
Teac 2 year standard.
Technics 2 year standard.
Tivoli 2 year standard.
Wharfedale 2 year standard.
Yamaha 2 year standard.

If the brand you are interested in is not listed here, please contact us for details.