1. Samsung's 2024 TVs Are Here - With Free Soundbars

    Samsung's 2024 TVs Are Here - With Free Soundbars

    Samsung is entering a new era launching their 2024 range of TVs later this month. Get ready for new models coming to Peter Tyson, featuring a gamut of leading technology, including new generation Gen3 processing power in their flagship models, AI 4K upscaling, anti glare technology plus a new range of the popular Frame.

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  2. Newcastle Audio Show 2024

    Newcastle Audio Show at Peter Tyson

    Experience incredible hi-fis and win prizes


    At Peter Tyson we've partnered with some of the biggest brands in audio including Naim, Sonus faber and Bowers & Wilkins to bring you our first open weekend event at our Newcastle store.


    You could win luxury audio prizes whilst experiencing the very best the hi-fi world has to offer.

    See and hear an incredible array of hi-fi demonstrations aimed at a range of budgets from competitively priced systems, right up to the best of the best. You'll hear music in a way you may never have before and get to sample systems from brands and see how they differ. You'll also get an opportunity to talk to brand and audio experts.


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  3. The Ultimate Trade-In for the Ultimate Streamer

    The Ultimate Trade-In for the Ultimate Streamer

    Here is a serious helping hand from Linn to own a reference Klimax DSM digital music streamer...

    Get at least £5000 off a new Klimax DSM (Audio or AV variant) by trading in any piece of HiFi/AV equipment. Yes, anything. No matter how old, how small, even how operational – or not, as the case may be.


    And that’s just for starters. Peter Tyson will match Linn’s generosity by adding our own part exchange value for your trade-in. Which could mean a saving considerably higher than £5000.

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  4. Get the most out of your vinyl records

    Get the most out of your vinyl records

    It can’t really be considered a trend anymore - for 15 years vinyl record sales have continued to grow and more people are becoming more connected with their favourite artists by experiencing the ultimate physical music media.

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  5. Great offers on Harman Kardon Citation soundbars

    Great offers on Harman Kardon Citation soundbars

    Looking to upgrade your TVs sound? Soundbars are a fantastic and discreet solution for room filling sound on movie night.

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  6. Bookshelf Speakers Under £1000

    Bookshelf Speakers Under £1000

    In the world of hi-fi, deciding what speakers to buy can be an onerous task, especially if you’re on a budget. At Peter Tyson we endeavour to match people with the best hi-fi gear for them. Get the low down on 7 great speakers from as little as £200 up to £999.

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  7. Introducing Linn Klimax Solo 800

    Introducing Linn Klimax Solo 800

    Linn has made its debut on the stage of high-end, mono-block power amplifiers. And it may well be a game-changer.


    Klimax Solo 800 is Linn’s new reference power amplifier, the largest in Linn’s long history, the most powerful (800W into 4 ohms) and most importantly, the best. By a distance.

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