Servicing your Cyrus product


Cyrus offers servicing for the majority of products that they've ever manufactured. A service involves not only repairs to correct any faults that may have occurred, but also a complete overhaul of the unit. The result is that your unit will be returned sounding not just as good as new - but better!

We offer fixed fee servicing to ensure that the consumer is fully aware of the exact cost of the work upfront, avoiding any unpleasant surprises even in the case of extensive remedial work.

The prices are inclusive of all parts, labour, and VAT, and includes a six-month warranty. To organise a service for your product, simply contact us.

All Cyrus component products, except Lyric/THREE £300.00 per item.

Lyric/THREE all-in-one £400.00 per item.

Phase 1 - Inspection and diagnosis

The unit arrives at Cyrus and an engineer is allocated who visually inspects the unit for damage and wear. All failed/worn components are replaced and modifications made to bring the unit up to date. The firmware (if applicable) is also updated.

Phase 2 - Testing and re-engineering

The unit is now subjected to a full range of tests designed to test the performance of the unit and compare it to the design specification. Further engineering takes place until the unit successfully passes the full range of tests.

Phase 3 - Soak-testing and completion

The unit is now left on for at least 16 hours and its performance monitored. Once this final test is passed, it will be cleaned and repackaged ready for despatch.

Upgrading your Cyrus product

To upgrade your product, simply contact us.