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Marantz Melody X. M-CR612 Music System with Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Speakers (6th Gen)

When you buy the Marantz Melody X. M-CR612 with these speakers, you'll make significant savings. Not only that but we also offer the option to buy on Finance. Free next working day delivery to most UK regions is also included.

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Marantz Melody X. M-CR612 Music System with Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Speakers (6th Gen)
Marantz Melody X. M-CR612 Music System with Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Speakers (6th Gen)

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    Marantz Melody X. M-CR612 Music System

    A true Hi-Fi Network System in an elegant design featuring CD playback, DAB+, and modern music streaming sources with HEOS music distribution built-in. If music matters to you, the Melody X is the pinnacle system for your entertainment. No matter how you listen, enjoy your music with renowned Marantz audio quality.

    The moment you see the new Melody X, you’ll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. It not only looks superb, it’s also a superb performer.

    The elegant network CD receiver supports near limitless streaming platforms through AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and HEOS WiFi connectivity. Connect your speakers to the Melody X through four high-efficiency digital audio amplifier channels and enjoy the most musical Marantz audio. With two optical digital inputs, you can even connect your television for elevated entertainment experience.

    The built-in DAB+ and FM tuners as well as TuneIn Internet Radio complete the set of music sources. If music matters to you, the Melody X is the number one music system to choose.


    • 60W x 2ch (6 ohms), or 4x 30W for speaker A/B with individual volume setting - Power and connectivity to suit your demanding audio preference
    • Plays CD, WMA/MP3 (CD-R/RW) and features an FM and DAB+ tuner - No matter how you listen, enjoy your music with elevated Marantz audio quality
    • Play songs from Internet Radio, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, TIDAL, and from your smartphone via AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth - Stream music from all your favourite sources
    • Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri voice agents - Use your voice to control the Melody X, no matter which voice agent
    • Supports MP3 and gapless WAV/FLAC/ALAC 192kHz/24bit, DSD 2.8/5.6MHz playback - High-performance, high-resolution audio playback for every source
    • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support - Improved network stability even in Wi-Fi-crowded homes
    • Includes two digital Optical inputs with auto-sensing for your TV or digital device - The Melody X detects the signal input from your TV and outputs elevated audio Works with your existing TV remote
    • Program the Melody X to work with your TV remote and easily adjust volume up, volume down, mute and source selection

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    Monitor Audio Bronze 100 AV

    A svelte home cinema package that comprises a pair of Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speakers, a Bronze C150 centre speaker, two rear Bronze 6 FX speakers and a 6th Generation W10 Subwoofer.

    Bronze 100 Bookshelf Speakers

    The Bronze 100’s larger cabinet size ensures the speakers deliver a grander audio presentation than the smaller Bronze 50. Our renowned C-CAM technology in the new 8" driver guarantees a detailed and powerful listening experience. The Bronze 100 rear Hive II port is designed and tuned to facilitate easy positioning without affecting performance. As with all the loudspeakers in the Bronze Series, the superior build quality and choice of contemporary finishes ensures that the speakers are a stylish addition to any home.

    Bronze C150 Centre Speaker

    The Bronze C150 partners left and right speakers and is designed to be positioned at the centre of the home cinema configuration. The 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter and two 5 1/2" C-CAM Mid-Bass drivers have exceptional dispersion abilities to guarantee a detailed wide-screen listen with seamless front soundstage action and articulate dialogue.

    Bronze 6 FX Rear Speakers

    Nothing enhances the home cinema experience like a dedicated surround sound speaker. The compact, discreet design of the Bronze FX incorporates two 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeters with UD Waveguide and a 5 1/2" C-CAM mid-bass driver to deliver the Monitor Audio sonic magic. Monitor Audio are masters of effects speaker design and the new Bronze FX delivers their renowned surround sound experience to maximum effect.

    Bronze 6 W10 Subwoofer

    The Bronze W10’s long-throw 10" C-CAM subwoofer driver combines with the 10" auxiliary bass radiator to bring a vivid realism to any performance.

    Monitor Audio's engineers have acoustically improved the driver and bass radiator by reducing the moving masses and tuning the compliances in the system to improve the transient response - kick drumsand explosions now have much more punch and precision. Reduced moving mass and improved rubber feet allows more energy to be transmitted directly into the room rather than being lost through mechanical vibrations through the floor and walls. The Bronze W10 is a stunning addition to any room.

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