Peter Tyson Price Lock

There's nothing more frustrating after making a considered purchase than to see the price drop a few days later. Prices do fluctuate, depending on market conditions but, to ease the potential for disappointment, we have applied a "price lock" to most of our products. How does it work? It's quite simple really. If, within 7 days, we drop the price of an item you purchased from our website,, we will refund you the difference. No vouchers or credit notes, the refund will be applied to your original payment method. There are some T&Cs but it's all quite straight forward.

Terms & Conditions

If the price drops, how do I get my refund? We will leave it up to you to make a claim. Simply send us an email which will include your sales reference or invoice number and the amount of the claim. Subject to verification, refunds will be issued within 7 working days of making a claim. In practice, it's often completed the same day. Price Lock does not apply to the following: nearly-new items, used items, negotiated sales and value added sales. Transactions involving "Guaranteed" Part Exchange promotions are also excluded. This is the type of transaction where we publish a minimum value part-exchange value online. Negotiated part-exchange transactions are included. This is where we offer you a valuation pre-purchase. Purchases made via 3rd-party sites are not eligible - this does not affect purchases if you use Amazon or PayPal as payment method on our website. This promotion is not a price-promise against competitors' prices. You can only make 1 claim per sales transaction. Email [email protected] to make a claim.

If you require further clarification of these terms, please Email [email protected]

We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion without notice.