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QED Performance HDMI Lead

The multi award QED Performance HDMI delivers superior video and audio performance and is one of the most superior HDMI cables on the market today.

As low as £19.95

The QED Performance HDMI lead is available in the following lengths:

  • 0.6m (QE6005), 1.0m (QE6006), 1.5m (QE6010), 2.0m (QE6007), 3.0m (QE6008), 5m (QE6009).

Benefiting from the application of design secrets uncovered by QED''s state-of the-art HDMI test suite, this cable delivers very low jitter for accurate timing of picture data.

Supports Deep Colour, 3D and 4K meeting the requirements of the latest HDMI specification. .

Superior Video and Audio Performance, Independently tested to 15.9Gb/s* to deliver High Speed w/Ethernet and exceed the latest HDMI specification. Supports Full HD, 3D, 4K and Deep Colour.

Very Low Jitter. Performance HDMI measures at less than 50ps of jitter, significantly reducing the incidence of bit errors reaching the TV and maximising the audio and video data transfer.

Shielded for enhanced signal protection. Protects delicate digital signals from interference from high voltage equipment.

Ideal for connecting your HDMI equipped Blu-Ray, DVD Player, Games Console, or Digital Box to your HDTV.

QED are so proud of the level of quality and performance achieved with their cables that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

All QED HDMI cables up to and including 5m are rated High Speed with
Ethernet Classified.

* QED Laboratory tested 1m length using unequalised pseudo random bit pattern and standard eye mask for TP2 (H = 0.6TBIT V = 335mV)

Please note that the previous codes were - 0.6m (QE3100), 1.0m (QE3101), 1.5m (QE3109), 2.0m (QE3102), 3.0m (QE3103), 5m (QE3105).

• Superior Video and Audio Performance
• HDMI Version 1.4, High speed W/Ethernet
• Very Low Jitter (typically less than 50ps*)
• 3D Compatible
• Supports 4k x 2k Resolution
• Full HD 1080p60
• Deep Colour
• Audio Return Channel
• Shielded for enhanced signal protection
• 26AWG 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors
• Pixel Clock 340MHz, Data Rate 10.2Gb/s
• Independently tested to 15.9Gb/s*
• (*QED laboratory tested 1m length using pseudo random bit pattern at the speed indicated)
• Flat flexible geometry
• Audio Return Channel