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Gaming TVs

Samsung TV's for gaming

Upgrade your next-gen gaming set-up with immersive, game-changing 4K detail on the big screen.

Experience ultra-smooth, lightning quick 4K TV gameplay, and achieve ultra-high 120Hz refresh rates with HDMI 2.1 capabilities to bring the best out of your next-gen console.

Next-gen gaming features

Get the ultimate gaming experience with Samsung

If you're looking for a new gaming TV this year, there are many features that you need to keep an eye out for, in order to take advantage of the full gaming potential of your next-gen console. These features include HDMI 2.1 - so you can achieve that all important 4K @ 120Hz, Auto low-latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rates (VRR) and eARC.

All 2021 Samsung TVs come with, HDMI 2.1, eARC, HGIG and ALLM features, but there's plenty more Samsung gaming features to enhance your gaming experience even further!

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro

For na ultra-smooth, immersive gaming experience

Put an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames for a smooth gaming experience with AMD FreeSync. This AMD technology ensures tear free and low latency gaming.

The Samsung 2021 range features TV's with MAD FreeSync Premium and Premium Pro on selected models. Free Sync Premium Pro brings next level gaming displays to your TV for exceptional HDR gaming at peak performance:

• At least 120Hz refresh rate at minimum FHD resolution
• Support for low framerate compensation (LFC)
• Low latency

HDMI 2.1 for gaming

Variable Refresh Rates (VRR)

VRR reduces or eliminaes lag, judder and frame tearing for more fluid and detailed gameply. VRR enables your next-gen console to deliver video frames as fast as possible.

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