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The EVERHOT traditional electric cooking range consists of eleven different products, in six different sizes, with each one available in a choice of 15 different colours, so there really is an Everhot cooker to fit all styles and sizes of kitchen. From the 90 series and upwards, there is also the option of the induction hob version (the "i" models) or not. All products are hand-crafted using traditional methods in Dursley, England.

At Peter Tyson, we carry demonstration stock of Everhot range cookers, across our two floors of kitchen appliances; and our unique colour palette wall (made from actual Everhot oven doors) displays the available finishes in the flesh! Along with our expert, fully trained, Everhot sales staff, let Peter Tyson assist you in configuring the perfect Everhot for your kitchen - either in-store, by phone, or online.

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Everhot Cookers birthplace was at Coaley Mill, a 13th century water powered mill near Dursley, in the old wool heartland of the south Cotswold valleys. Our showroom remains at the mill; however, due to expansion of the business, the cookers are no longer built on this site. All cookers are now built in a purpose built factory, 3 miles from Coaley Mill.

Over the years, our site has been utilised for a number of different purposes. Indeed, up to middle of the 20th century, it was the site of a foundry business that employed around 80 local people and produced items such as shovels and forks.

At the core of all this industry, lies the water of the River Cam, which flows into our millpond and beneath our showroom - we still harness this to produce our power and it is for this very reason that the EVERHOT was originally invented.

Some forty years ago, the inventor of the EVERHOT (the mill owner) wanted a heat storage range that would provide some background warmth to his kitchen, and that would also have a very low requirement for energy (without the ‘spikes' that normally occur when switching on an electric oven or ring). He hence set about inventing the Everhot, and for the first ten years following this, the Everhot was sold in small quantities, whilst gently evolving prior to its full commercial launch in 1995.

Whilst the first cooker ever produced is still in daily use, the evolution continues and our philosophy remains unchanged. We are constantly seeking to improve the Everhot without ever compromising on quality. We also remain firmly committed to preserving our environment - through our use of water power and also through careful selection of UK based suppliers and products.