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Redefine your home audio experience with Sonos, a versatile wireless sound system that blankets every room with incredible music. You control it all from your smartphone or tablet, offering an uncomplicated way to infuse every corner of your house with sound. With Sonos, you'll create a harmonious audio journey that traverses multiple rooms in your home.


Sonos is incredibly versatile and plays nicely with major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music. Sonos' adaptability extends to the ability to group speakers for tailored performance in different areas of your home, from compact Sonos speakers to allow for continuous play through your space to portable speakers to take your music wherever you go. Our range of Sonos products includes soundbars, speakers and amps; all you need for creating the ultimate surround sound, multi-room setup.


Keep an eye out for the latest deals and offers when you buy Sonos products from Peter Tyson, all with free UK delivery available. In addition, you can opt for pay monthly or buy now pay later finance deals to ensure that your new multi-room sound system doesn’t strain your budget.


Sonos operates wirelessly using your home's Wi-Fi network or via a wired connection to your router. In a wireless setup, your Sonos devices connect to your home's Wi-Fi network, similar to other wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. In a wired setup, at least one Sonos device remains connected to the router through an Ethernet cable. This wired Sonos device establishes a dedicated wireless network exclusively for your Sonos system. This dedicated network enables most Sonos devices to relay the wireless signal to other Sonos products, extending the coverage even to areas outside your Wi-Fi range.

All Sonos products are compatible with wireless routers and access points supporting 802.11b/g Wi-Fi operating on the 2.4GHz frequency. Moreover, all Sonos products can connect to Wi-Fi networks adhering to WPA1 and WPA2 personal security standards, as well as unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Sonos is primarily a wireless system and typically doesn't need any additional hardware, such as an amplifier. However, there are scenarios where employing an amplifier in conjunction with Sonos has its benefits. The Sonos Amp, for example, can power conventional, third-party wired speakers and seamlessly integrate them into the Sonos wireless ecosystem, as well as facilitating the connection of devices like TVs, turntables and other audio components.

Yes, Sonos is capable of playing audio from a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. To do this, you can set up the NAS as a music library within the Sonos app. This allows Sonos to access and play audio files stored on your NAS over your home network, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your music collection through your new Sonos system.