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Grandview Cyber In-Ceiling Screen with Trap Door 16:9

The Cyber series In-ceiling Tab Tensioned screen uses the same quality material as our surface mount Tab Tensioned screens and also features our built in IR remote and 12volt trigger interface.

As low as £1,155.00

The unusually quiet operation is due to the unique way that the motor section of the housing is separated from the ceiling section by a rubber seal. This stops any vibration travelling through into the ceiling void, an issue found with other In-ceiling designs. This along with the motorized trap door mechanism makes this screen the perfect discreet option for a projection based system.

Superior Projection Screen Material
The quality of material is the most important aspect of any projection screen. Most screens on the market will use a very basic compressed cloth type material resulting in a creased surface and poor contrast performance.

The Cyber Series projection screens use a US manufactured high quality multi ply material with a high contrast and low gain of 1.1. The Projection screen material is tear resistant, fireproof, wrinkle proof and is designed to hang perfectly flat. The centre layer is a glass fibre net producing a flex rate of less than 1% compared with the industry average of 33%. The front layer optimises contrast and reflectivity while a black PVC backing prevents light leakage and helps retain a uniformly flat projection surface.

Built in Infra-Red Remote Control and Projector Trigger
All Cyber In-ceiling screens feature built in infra-red remote control and come with a simple hand held remote. The included IR receiver is a small separate device that plugs into the internal interface and can be located on the ceiling or front wall by the screen. Also included is a 12volt trigger input, this allows the screen to be activated from any projector or surround sound amp with a 12volt output. Connection to the 12volt trigger of the screen is via a 2.5mm mini 2 pin jack.

Other Features and Measurements
Just like televisions, projector screens are measured in imperial feet and inches. The screen is measured by the width of the material from left to right. The standard sizes are 7ft, 8ft and 9ft. The viewable area is the white part of the screen which is slightly smaller due to the surrounding black borders.

All In ceiling electric projector screens come with a large black border, which can be adjusted with the allen key supplied with the screen.

7ft Electric Screen comes with a 800mm Black border
8ft Electric Screen comes with a 630mm Black border
9ft Electric Screen comes with a 450mm Black border

Fixed Frame 2.35:1 Specifications
screen size - 7 ft Diagonal Viewable: 92"
Viewable Area (mm): 2030 x 1140
Cut Out and Case Depth (mm): 2435 x 155 x 170
screen size - 8 ft Diagnol Viewable: 106"
Viewable Size (mm): 2340 x 1320
Cut Out and Case Depth (mm): 2750 x 155 x 170
SCREEN SIZE - 9 FT Diagonal Viewable: 120"
Viewable Size: (mm) 2670 x 1500
Cut Out and Case Depth (mm): 3055 x 155 x 170