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Linn Akurate Exaktbox Digital Crossover & DAC (10-Channel)

Providing the ultimate in flexibility, Akurate Exaktbox delivers all the benefits of Exakt technology to your current speakers, and because it’s software-upgradeable, can be used to upgrade your system in the future, even if you change your speakers.


Exakt eliminates magnitude and phase distortion, corrects for drive unit variation, and optimises your speakers for your room, giving you incredible performance that’s personalised for you.

Akurate Exaktbox contains ten channels of digital-to-analogue conversion (DAC), derived from the DAC technology in Akurate DS. This provides all the connections you need to drive any pair of speakers actively, from 2-way up to 5-way.

Both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA analogue output connections are included, for connection to any type of power amplifier.

Add Akurate Exaktbox for the most flexible Exakt upgrade available. For ultimate performance, specify Klimax Exaktbox.

While Linn's integrated speakers have amps and Exakt technology built-in, an Exaktbox, together with additional amplification, allows you to upgrade to Exakt while keeping your current speakers.

Every Exaktbox contains the intelligence required to time-align every frequency going to every drive unit in your speakers, producing a completely linear phase performance. Containing a programmable Exakt digital crossover and separate digital-to-analogue converters for every speaker channel, it’s the biggest upgrade you can make to your system.

If you’ve already upgraded your Linn speakers to Aktiv operation, the Exaktbox simply takes the place of the Aktiv cards or Tunebox. If you currently have passive speakers, add an Exaktbox plus additional channels of amplification to drive every channel in your speakers independently.

Connected via Exakt Link to any Exakt-enabled Linn network music player, Exaktbox can be used with your choice of power amps and Exakt-compatible speakers.

What’s more, every Exaktbox is software-configurable, so even if you change your speakers in the future, your system is quickly and easily updated.

Inputs Exakt Link x 2
Line Inputs Balanced XLR x 10
Unbalanced Phono x 10
Power Supply Linn Dynamik Switch Mode
Dimensions (W x H x D) 380mm x 91mm x 380mm