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Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin - Power Amplifier

Inside the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin, two electrically and mechanically isolated circuit boards - one is a unique Linn ‘Silent Power’ Switch Mode Power Supply, the other is the twin channel CHAKRA audio circuitry.


The machined-from-solid clamshell construction of the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin casework is a beautiful and unique design that allows a variety of installation options for music and cinema applications

2 x 200 watts into 4 ohm or 2 x 100 watts into 8 ohm

KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin delivers consistent performance, controlled power and pure sound and is simply the finest stereo power amplifier Linn has ever made.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 350 mm x 355 mm x 60 mm - 9kg