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Naim Burndy Cable

Burndy cables carry both signal and power, and feature dedicated, multi-pin, locking connectors.


They are used with several of our power supplies and care should be taken to ensure that the correct cable is used in each application - the configuration of the cables varies with the particular units that are being linked.

Units that require Burndy connections include the XPS, SuperLine, SNAXO, NAC 552, and the 555 PS.

Variants Available: Interconnect (7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19 pin and analogue, digital versions)

Conductors: 1mm2 copper core

Cable Diameter Size: 7.5mm

Standard Length: 1.25 metres long

Variants Available: BNC to BNC (standard), BNC to RCA, RCA to BNC, RCA to RCA

Other: Characteristic impedance 75O, Capacitance 55pF/metre, Screen Double screened high conductivity coppe