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Audiolab DC Block - Direct Current Blocker

The audiolab DC BLOCK utilises a simple connection and intelligent design that will help remove DC from your mains power supply, instantly.

Removing the DC from your mains supply will not only restore efficiency and reduce mechanical hum of noisy transformers, it will also improve the performance of the connected audio equipment, resulting in greater clarity and dynamics

As low as £99.00

The typical mains supply is subject to various kinds of interference and non-linear loads, which distorts the AC
waveform. Asymmetrical loads will cause the waveform to be offset and result in what is known as 'DC on the mains'.
The amount of DC is only small, typically less than 500mV, but it only takes a small amount of DC to saturate a modern
high flux toroidal transformer. Saturation of the transformer will invariably result in reduced efficiency and mechanical

As well as DC removal, the audiolab DC BLOCK provides additional mains conditioning and RF filtering, of both
common and differential mode noise, which further contributes to the optimal operation of your audio equipment.
The audiolab DC BLOCK mains conditioner is compatible with most audio equipment that utilises an IEC mains inlet
and will offer a no-nonsense, instant improvement to the mains power supply, and ultimately, the performance of your
Hi-Fi system.


Key Features:

  • • Removes DC from AC mains supply
  • • Reduces transformer hum
  • • Reduces RF interference
  • • Improves the performance of audio components


Power Requirement 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Peak Load 600VA
Audio Power Amplifier Capacity <2x150W or <1x300W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 113 x 59 x 140 (mm)
Weight (net) 0.7kg

*Note: The audiolab DC BLOCK is designed for audio equipment with variable power requirements up to max. Peak Load and should not feed any permanent high power loads such as heaters or similar.