Bookshelf Speakers Under £1000

In the world of hi-fi, deciding what speakers to buy can be an onerous task, especially if you’re on a budget. At Peter Tyson we endeavour to match people with the best hi-fi gear for them. Get the low down on 7 great speakers from as little as £200 up to £999.


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Elac Debut B5.2 - £279

This is a 2 way front ported bass reflex speaker from the German company Elac that’s been making speakers since 1984.


They are so cheap but they actually sound good, and not just for the money or the size, they genuinely sound decent. With surprisingly great construction for the price and with internal bracing and front firing port, these are less fussy about being placed close to the wall so ideal for any given space. Shop Elac Debut B5.2


KEF Q350 - £449

These British made KEF speakers are driven by the much talked about UniQ driver and to be getting a speaker at this price point with this driver is very impressive. Their unique sound and design is something that a lot of people are attracted to with a wide sweet spot and good detail.


The bass is tight on these but not particularly deep at 63Hz at -3dB. We really love these speakers in the walnut finish as they look super premium.Shop KEF Q350


Dali Oberon 3 - £499

This Danish made 2 way rear ported bass reflex speaker has a 1.14” ultra lightweight soft dome tweeter, distinctive 7” wood fibre mid bass woofer, large for the size of speaker.


The build quality is not the most sturdy and solid, but there is nothing to complain about in terms of sound or looks. Regardless of source or the type of music you’re listening to, these are the easiest to listen to from the whole of this list. Shop Dali Oberon 3


Bowers & Wilkins 607 S3 - £599

Another great British brand. The 607s launched in 2023 and are the smallest of the Bowers & Wilkins stereo passive speakers.


They have exceptional build quality, particularly in the oak finish and feature a 1” decoupled double dome Titanium tweeter and 5” Continuum mid bass driver - the same technology found much higher in the range.


These speakers are bright, energetic and fun to listen to. They might be the smallest speakers on this list but they deliver great bass and staggering control and detail. Shop B&W 607 S3


Monitor Audio Silver 50 7th Gen - £699

Designed for smaller spaces, this 2 way rear ported bass reflex speaker is made by British manufacturer Monitor Audio who favour metal drive units over paper or wood pulp.


The Silver 50s are great for being placed close to a wall or even wall mounted. They are fun to listen to, boasting great depth and impact for a tiny speaker.


They are really great for vocal music, TV and movies though some may find these a little soft for their taste. A fantastic build quality on these, they are very robust. Shop Monitor Audio Silver 50s


Focal Vestia No1 - £799

The largest speaker on this list, the Vestia No1 is made by French brand Focal. They’re the preferred speaker manufacturer of Naim, so you’re in good company.


This 2 way front and rear ported speaker features 1 inch Al/Mg inverted dome TAM tweeter and a 6.5 inch Slatefiber Midbass.


Listening to them they have bags of detail, they are refined and smooth. Listening to them is a bit of an event, even if the leather styling isn’t for everyone. Out of all the speakers here this has the cleanest and most effortless bass. Shop Focal Vestia No1


Sonus Faber Lumina II - £999

Last but absolutely not least Sonus Faber’s at this price point cannot be ignored and if you stump for them they are worth it. The Italian designers of luxury handcrafted speakers are purveyors of stunning build quality and they have not skimped on the Lumina IIs.


A 2 way front ported bass reflex speaker with a 1” Damped Amex Dome tweeter and 6” pulped paper mid bass driver. Nothing fancy on paper, just simple and honest materials.


They are just simply natural and enjoyable to listen to, regardless of placement or electronics, they just get on with it. The sound is natural, warm and open and the stereo image is beautiful. The wooden front panel and leather trim make these a purchase you won’t regret. Shop Sonus Faber Lumina II


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