Get the most out of your vinyl records

It can’t really be considered a trend anymore - for 15 years vinyl record sales have continued to grow and more people are becoming more connected with their favourite artists by experiencing the ultimate physical music media. We could explore how and why vinyl has made such a stable and resonant impact in today's modern music streaming world, but that’s for another blog.

Today we’re talking about the most important part of enjoying your vinyl records; a record player (or turntable). You might have become intrigued by vinyl, possibly already started collecting, or inherited a collection, but you haven’t got yourself a record player yet. The choices can seem daunting, and can range from cheap but possibly damaging to your vinyl, to eye-wateringly expensive.

At Peter Tyson we believe that quality equipment delivers great listening experiences. We stock turntables from trusted brands at a range of price points. Whether you’re new to the format and want something that will simply play your vinyls and give you the listening experience you’ve heard people talk about, or you want to upgrade to something that delivers truly next level audio, we’ve got a solution suited to you.


Before we start listing our favourites, you may have already come across super cheap options such as your suitcase style all in one player, or systems you are served on the big multinational shopping sites who offer you “prime” deals. These might seem attractive, but they can often be poorly built and deliver a worse listening experience than you’d get out of a small battery powered bluetooth speaker. In some cases the low quality needles or cartridges on these can actually cause damage to your vinyl over time, and we don’t want that.


If you want to truly unlock the quality of your vinyl records, make them last and really immerse yourself in the music then we’ve brought along 9 record players for you to consider:



Great Entry Level Players

If you’re just starting out and want to get something that does the job, no fuss, no frills, these players come at great prices with decent specs and an all important quality cartridge.

The Award-Winners

These turntables are a next level up, at a wide range of prices, but come with a certified seal of approval from the audio industry. Buy one of these record players and they'll likely keep you happy for many years to come.

The Premium Spinners

If you’re getting into vinyl and want the best possible experience and you’ve got serious pocket money to spare, these players will not only make an impression on your ears, but will look incredible in your listening space.


Need the whole kit, including speakers and amps? Explore our bundles for your ideal hi-fi set up and start truly enjoying your vinyl records.



You can also speak to our experts at Peter Tyson and demo some models by paying a visit to any of our stores in Cumbria and the North East or simply call 01228 587587 to speak to our friendly staff.