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JBL Spinner BT Turntable
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TEAC TN-180BT-A3 Bluetooth Turntable with Audio-Technica Cartridge
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Teac TN-400BT-X Turntable
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Pro-Ject E1 Bluetooth Turntable
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Turntables with Bluetooth Capability

Experience the ultimate blend of vintage charm and modern convenience with our collection of Bluetooth turntables. These versatile record players with Bluetooth capability allow you to enjoy your cherished vinyl records while also providing the option to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone, tablet or other enabled devices. Immerse yourself in the timeless sound of your favourite albums with the added flexibility of Bluetooth technology.

Connecting a Bluetooth turntable to speakers follows the same process as any other turntable. It's a simple task of plugging in the speakers using the provided cables. The specific type of cable will vary depending on the chosen model of Bluetooth turntable, ensuring a hassle-free setup tailored to your device and hi-fi system.


Bluetooth turntables function differently to traditional analog turntables when it comes to transmitting sound. Analog turntables are physically connected to an amplifier, which then amplifies the signal and plays it through speakers. In contrast, Bluetooth-enabled turntables, on the other hand, utilise short-range radio waves to wirelessly stream music to various devices, such as speakers, soundbars or other compatible equipment. This Bluetooth capability offers a novel way to experience vinyl records without the need for additional hi-fi components or complex wiring. Having a turntable with Bluetooth output allows you to connect external Bluetooth speakers effortlessly.

Bluetooth turntables offer a hassle-free vinyl listening experience, eliminating the need for preamps, cumbersome wires or amplifiers. However, Bluetooth audio quality may not match the fidelity of wired connections.

The drawback of Bluetooth lies in its compression of audio streams, which can result in a loss of quality. The process involves converting the analog signal into a digital format and then back to analog when it reaches the speakers, potentially leading to reduced detail and lower sound quality. In some cases, it may introduce additional distortion.

If you're striving for the best possible sound quality, especially with a high-end audio system, setting up your record player for wireless play via Bluetooth may not be the optimal choice. On the other hand, if you have a more budget-friendly setup and value the convenience of wireless playback over potential quality trade-offs, it might be worth giving Bluetooth a try.

When selecting a Bluetooth turntable for home use, prioritise features that enhance your listening experience. Look for a heavy platter to reduce resonance, a high-quality moving magnet cartridge for accurate tracking and reduced surface noise, stable Bluetooth connectivity, built-in preamp (if needed), multiple playback speeds, a well-designed tonearm, durable build quality and user-friendly controls.