Which Home Projector is Best For You? A Projector Buying Guide


Shopping for a home projector has never been easier! However, if you've never bought a projector for a home before, the sheer amount of choice from leading brands and manufacturers can feel overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with them.


The right home projector can elevate your home entertainment experience. Whether watching a new movie release, playing your favourite video game, or hosting a viewing party for the world’s biggest sporting events, a high-quality projector can bring blockbuster movies and overseas events into your living room, making every big moment feel that much closer.


At Peter Tyson, we’re proud to deliver excellent service and expert advice on our products to our customers, and projectors are no different. Our guide will take you through the projectors we stock, what function they best serve, and break down the technical jargon that often surrounds high-tech products so you can make an informed decision on your new home projector.


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  • Is a projector better than a TV?
  • How is brightness measured in projectors?
  • Best home cinema projectors
  • Best projectors for gaming
  • Best projectors for outdoor viewing
  • Our projectors at Peter Tyson


Is a projector better than a TV?

If you want a projector for your living room, it likely means replacing the TV that has been and remains the go-to for home entertainment. So, is getting a projector better than a TV? Projectors have become more popular for home entertainment in recent years, and part of that is down to flexibility.


When planning our rooms, we’ve become accustomed to laying out space for a television. After all, it’s part of the furniture. The TV is often a focus piece of the room that sofas and tables are placed around. Projectors are much more flexible when considering furniture placement, as they can be easily moved if you want a new look for your space.


Your house or apartment’s living room may not have abundant space, making a projector the optimal choice as you can simply store the smaller and portable model away, creating more room, unlike a TV, which is more likely to be in a fixed position.


While smaller budgets may benefit TVs, you can watch your favourite shows and films on a much larger scale with a projector without sacrificing resolution. Depending on your space, 4k projectors can screen up to 300" of content.

How is brightness measured in projectors?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a projector is the brightness. Ambient lighting can greatly impact the clarity of your projection, and having a bright, strong picture can help combat that.


Brightness from a bulb is measured in lumens; the more lumens, the better for a projector. A projector with around 1500 lumens should suffice if your space lacks ambient lighting. Rooms with more ambient and natural light require 2500 lumens to ensure a clear picture when watching dimly lit content.

Best home cinema projectors


There’s nothing quite like a movie night at home. Getting the popcorn and drinks ready, making yourself cosy on the sofa and ignoring everything else for a couple of hours as you get lost in a story. The only way this experience could be any better is with a screen fit for the cinema at home.


Our home cinema projectors at Peter Tyson will transform your living room into your own personal theatre with a new premiere every night. Roll out the red carpet, get comfortable and enjoy the art of film at home like never before.


Experience the magic of cinema in your home with our projectors. View new releases and old favourites in stunning 4k resolution, offering the clearest and most detailed picture available. Our projectors also have built-in speakers for an immersive audio experience and HDMI input sources for easy device connectivity.


Smaller spaces may call for a smaller device, in which ultra-short throw projectors are perfect. Place just inches away from the wall or screen and enjoy an array of content up to 120”.


Best projectors for gaming


Remove the need for multiple monitors clogging up your space while you game with a gaming projector that allows you to see and interact with everything your favourite games have to offer on one grand screen.


Specialised gaming projectors operate with low input lag, so your actions and commands feel fluid, making for a more responsive and interactive gaming experience. Whether you’re strategising in online battle royale games with friends or exploring the open worlds of single-player titles such as Tears of the Kingdom or Elden Ring in breathtaking detail, a gaming projector will enhance your gaming sessions.


Another factor in creating the perfect gaming experience is a strong refresh rate. Measured in Hz or frames per second, the refresh rate determines how smooth your gameplay will be as the monitor or screen keeps up with the game’s graphics and motions. Our gaming projectors have up to 240 Hz refresh rate, ensuring a fluid and visually impressive gameplay experience.


Best projectors for outdoor viewing


An irresistible summer of sport is just around the corner. The men’s Euros in Germany and the Paris Olympics are set to take the sporting world by storm this year, and there’ll no doubt be a whole host of viewing parties for the big events.


Whether you’re preparing for England or Scotland’s quest for their first European trophy or rallying behind Team GB in France, empower your sports viewing experience by selecting the perfect projector. See every kick, stroke, throw and more with crystal-clear precision beside your loved ones.


Don't let natural light dim your sporting enthusiasm. Opt for a projector with 3000 lumens or more to ensure a vivid and clear image, regardless of the sun's brightness. Our portable projectors are a breeze to transport and set up in the garden, promising a hassle-free viewing experience. Enhance the audio with a Bluetooth speaker system, ensuring everyone can fully immerse in the action.


Our projector collection features models from Hisense, an official UEFA Euro 2024 partner that aims to revolutionise how you watch football and create an unbeatable viewing experience where every goal packs a punch.


Our projectors at Peter Tyson


At Peter Tyson, we stock a variety of high-quality projectors, screens, speakers and accessories to complete the perfect home projector set up. Whether you’re settling in for a world premiere in the living room, preparing to take on hordes of enemies with your friends in online gameplay or getting the gang together for the big match, we have a projector for your needs.


Why end the party there? Browse our Hi-Fi collection for the perfect music station that will keep the good summer vibes going well into the night.


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